Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My reaction to the Geek Zodiac

A couple of Facebook friends posted the Geek Zodiac. Being that I'm 1/4 geek by birth, I checked it out. What was my reaction?

"Astronaut! I knew it!"

Looking at my own reaction, only a few seconds after the fact, I couldn't help but be amused. Putting stock in a "normal" zodiac, the one that's primarily used today, in the United States, is one thing. It's been around for a while, and there are whole books and websites out there that preach the word, wholeheartedly. Believing in that is generally viewed as a normal thing to do.

But to look at something that a couple of guys made over a weekend, and to say, "It makes so much sense now!"... Well, that's just absurd. And that's what I did, for the better part of a second.

Even if you love, say, horoscopes, yourself, you should be able to admit that, even if horoscopes were actually just motivational messages that applied, not to people born on a specific date, but to human beings in general, they would still be popular. People would still follow them. Look at mine for today:

"You might be surprised by how clever and creative you are today, Capricorn. Just for fun, you may decide to pick up a paintbrush and try watercolor painting or perhaps writing some poetry. Whatever you attempt, you can be fairly sure that it will work out favorably. Your creative muse is there on your shoulder and waiting for you to make use of her!"

I'm not a painter, at all, but if I was into horoscopes I might take this advice, and it might be fun, and I might approach it with more confidence than I would without the stars backing me up. Nothing wrong with watercolors. But it would be the same outcome whether I was Capricorn, Aquarius, or Cancer! When I was a more avid blogger I used to put a daily all-signs horoscope in the sidebar.

I don't feel like making a real point with today's post, so let's just watch a video:

I just spent about twenty minutes looking for a certain video, and instead got sidetracked and ended up learning new magic tricks for the kiddos. Oh, well. We can go without closure for one post.

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