Monday, August 23, 2010

Why you shouldn't believe everything you read on myspace

I was a bit younger than I am today (early 20s, as opposed to late 20s) and, at least hopefully, a bit more pathetic.  I was heartsick over a girl who, I was pretty sure, was not heartsick over me.  For the sake of this blog, we'll call her Joan Marshall.

I was on myspace, back when I used the site, and the front page had a little spot where it would show three new profiles.  I looked at the names, and then I looked at them again, and then I looked at them a third time, and almost fell off of my chair.

The first profile was of a young black man, all decked out in whatever urban gear was popular at the time.  His name was listed as Go Getta.  The second profile was some girl named Joan.  The third profile was of some guy.  His name was Marshall.

Printed out, as clear as day, on the front page of myspace, was Go Getta Joan Marshall!

This sort of thing is called a synchronicity.  A synchronicity is like a coincidence, only it's implied that there's some kind of higher power behind it.  Synchronicity is one of the key players in the Law of Attraction.

I think synchronicity is a great example of why many of us humans believe in the paranormal.  Like Jung's Beetle, or my myspace front page (which I think is much more impressive) there is obviously something going on here.

But, how do you define a synchronicity?  What does it have to include, in order to earn the title?  Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any kind of defined parameters.  It could happen anywhere, in regards to anything, and it could take as long or as short as it takes.

We know that the odds of me sitting down and seeing that composite sentence are very low, because there are thousands of different first names that could have landed in those spots.  But you could change the incident in any number of fundamental ways, without removing its supposed significance.  I could have seen the words spelled out between the loose pages of a magazine.  The website could have said something personal about my neighbor, instead of my love life.  The first profile could have been, Take a Look instead of Go Getta.  Now, what are the odds of all of the possibilities put together?  I'd say still pretty low, because that sort of thing doesn't happen very often.  If it had been any of those variations, though, I would still be using it as an example in today's blog.

So, I guess the real question is, what are the odds that something in my wide experience will somehow seem to relate to anything else at all in my wide experience, which includes things I've seen, heard and thought?  The odds are high.  This is something that would necessarily happen in a supernatural world and a skeptic's world alike.

If you roll a handful of twenty-sided dice, the odds of you getting an extremely unlikely result are 100%.

That's all I'm trying to say.

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