Sunday, August 8, 2010

Who needs a polite skeptic?

What is this blog?  I guess now is a good time to decide.

I'm a skeptic.  That is, I think that the world I live in would work just fine without a supernatural component, so I live assuming that there is no supernatural, and everything has worked out fine so far.  I believe that the human mind is much more interesting and exciting than psychics or angels, and has power enough to manifest both psychics and angels, along with the entire spectrum of so-called supernatural things.

There are plenty of skeptical blogs and websites out there, so why make this one?  Well, because I find that, much of the time, I don't care to stand behind most of the professional skeptics out there.  The spokespeople of the skeptical world.  The problem is that the typical skeptical blogger perpetrates four things, with regularity:
  1. Ignorance of the subject matter: too often the established skeptics don't seem to understand what they're debunking.  Many skeptics don't realize that these different subjects, like clairvoyance, dowsing, or alien abduction, have hundreds or thousands of books written about them, and communities of people that meet in person and online.  These people have complex beliefs about whichever subject.  The big skeptics prefer to debunk a stereotype of a belief, not the actual belief.  Because of this, their explanations are often useless. 
  2. Omission of key points:  If you debunk a certain subject, but leave a major point of it unaddressed, it speaks to insecurity in your own belief.
  3. Unwillingness to admit when one doesn't know:  I think we all agree that none of us know everything about everything, and sometimes things do happen that are unexplainable, at least at the moment.  It's better to say, "I can't say why," than to make up something that sounds silly.
  4. Plain disrespect: It's a theme across much of the skeptical material, and frankly it makes me sick.  If there's one thing I really enjoy, it's a friendly debate with someone that believes differently from myself.  To treat such a person like they're an idiot, or a liar, and to make snide comments about them, especially in your public blog, is juvenile, and it's unnecessary.  What does it have to do with science, or the truth?
These are the problems that I see in the skeptical world today, and if anyone else thinks the way I do, they may want to read my blog.

Thanks for reading.

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