Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Other 14 Reasons

It's been a year and a month, or, as new mothers say, 13 months.

I created a new blog with a new topic a year ago after deciding that I was bored with The Polite Skeptic and bored with my alter-ego Calvin Booker. If there's one lesson that I can learn from having been myself for 31 years, though, it's that I don't stay bored with things. Another way of saying it is that I'm as bad as staying away from a project as I am at sticking with it.

So here I am again, hitting keys with The Polite Skeptic on my screen, this time under my birth name instead of a rather cool sounding made-up name. I just keep running into the same stimuli that inspired me to create the blog in the first place. Firstly, well-meaning people seeing things that could have 15 different explanations and saying they only have one, that it is a supernatural one, and that this is proof. PROOF. It's an icky word. Secondly, skeptics who have the knowledge to educate the public about the other 14 reasons something could have happened, but instead choosing to poke fun for the sake of their skeptic friends. In other words, people who have a chance to educate but choose instead to entertain.

So I'm Kevin R. Bridges now instead of Calvin Booker, and I'm someone who actually believes there is a chance that supernatural things could be real rather than someone who's been skeptical for most of his life. What does this change? Really, not anything. I'm still the same guy with the same ideas. Even if I believe that ghosts might be a thing, I'm still dedicated to the uncovering of those other 14 possibilities. I'm just as excited by the idea of a brain that can fool us so thoroughly and so constantly as by the idea that there are parallel dimensions where our dead continue to exist. And bigfoots. And alien abductions. And, the thing is, either these things don't exist and our brain is the ultimate trickster, or they DO exist  and our brain is STILL the ultimate trickster. The trickiness of our minds has been well established.

Do I feel shame for believing in these things that are often seen as being the domain of the ignorant? I honestly do. I'm a person of above average analytic intelligence (if below average social intelligence) and I do get an ego boost from, "hanging with the smart kids." Well, the smart kids know this stuff is bunk, yet I cling to the possibility of the mystical.

Either way, I'll continue The Polite Skeptic, on the rare occasion when I'm inspired to do so, probably with year-long breaks between posts. There are enough posts on this blog that I still average a dozen unique visitors a day, thanks to my starting enthusiasm which had me writing a post every morning for a while.

And I'll also continue The Personal Proof Project, under similar conditions, governed by my moment-to-moment whims.

Thanks for sticking with me, any of you that have. As always, if you think any of the material on this site is worthwhile, drop your friends a link. I do like the attention.

Until next time,