Friday, September 23, 2011

My thoughts on irreducible complexity -or- What good is half an eye?

Sometimes I go to church with my dad. Not because I love church, but because I love my dad, and we don't have a lot of things in common. He's very religious, and it means a lot for him to have me there. I'm fine with it.

A few nights ago, he invited me to a seminar that the people of his church were attending. I had joined him for something like that last year, and my night was free, so I accepted.

On the way in, I was required to get a barcode card that I would use to check in. I would later learn that if you attend for so many nights, you'd get a free family Bible. The signup for the card asked my address and other contact information, which I gave slightly altered versions of, pretty sure that the host would ever need to contact me at my home. We got seated, and I watched a woman play organ music on a keyboard, wondering about the business plan of the speaker, and if he would end up selling the contact info he was gathering. I realized how much more cynical I had become over the years.

Before the speaker came out, an image of Charles Darwin popped up on the twin projector screens, and I tensed. I could listen to a man preach about sin, or hell, or the ways to please God, but evolution is a subject that I'm fascinated by. It excites me to think about it. I did not want to hear a man talk about how evolution was wrong for an hour.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm here for the free heroin

I'm not one to make public apologies for my lapses, but I would like to take this time to not make an apology again.

I have not been posting much, to the point that you may wonder if I've died, converted to Mormonism, or maybe sold my computer. I have done few to none of these things. I've just been doing other things. Most notably, I've been absent-mindedly avoiding my blog.

Whether this is wise or not... well it's not. Whenever I have a period of time where I'm updating this blog regularly, my readership increases steadily, at a respectable pace. I blush a little to think that so many people regularly return to the site, to read what I write. Perhaps someday they would even begin clicking on ads. (don't tell Google I said that. I'm supposed to act like they're not there.)

I enjoy this, though. The medium-sized rectangular text field, with an orange button and two blue buttons beneath it, is comforting to me. For some time, I sat here and did a blog every morning, without fail. The moment I decided to do it twice a week, instead of seven times, though, my brain said, "Oh, zero times a week? Sounds good." I'm glad for that initial burst, though, because it left me a thick history of posts that new readers can peruse.

I'm just typing this to let my readers know that, no, I'm neither dead nor Mormon, and that, even though I have actually decided to quit this blog maybe three or four times, it never sticks. Just like heroin, it's hard to stay away for long. And unlike heroin, it's free!