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Fabrication Friday - Sep 03, 2010

The following is not true.

About four years ago I went UFO watching with my friends Dan and Joannica.  I was strongly opposed to it when they first brought it up, not because I didn't want to get involved in nonsense, but because they were taking the trip as a part of their honeymoon.  They were (still are) both card-carrying spiritualists, and had gone on such outings several times before, but this "new spot" that someone had told them about, Carpenter Hill in northern Washington State, was supposed to be the cream of the crop.  Eventaully, somehow, they convinced me.  They were excited, and I was interested in seeing what I could make of the lights in the sky.

It was a long, long drive, with the same Johnny Cash CD playing on repeat, and their car smelled like sage and marijuana.  I was quite carsick by the time we reached Carpenter Hill.  For how good of a spot it was supposed to be, the whole area was deserted, and I think all of us were wondering if we had been fooled, but nobody said it.

In short, we did not see any UFOs.  We saw something once, but the three of us agreed that it was very obviously a passenger jet.  So we sat on lawn chairs, cameras at ready, and drank beers, discussing everything from UFOs to tarot cards.

Now, when we parked, I had checked my watch, and had seen that the trip had taken a little over three hours, making it 9:05.  After we had been talking for what felt like a couple of hours, at very least (and good drinks and conversation can easily make five hours feel like two) I checked the time, and it was 9:07!  Five different time pieces (three phones, a watch and the clock in the car) agreed, and the sky still looked like it was relatively early in the evening.  We had all heard of people losing time, but we had gained it!

Conversation dropped off, and you could cut the tension with a knife.  I never would have thought that a clock readout could scare me, but I was very scared.  Since we were there to watch for UFOs, that gave us an excuse to stare at the sky and say nothing.  Before long the smell of gasoline was obvious in the air, and it continued to get stronger.  I don't know why, but instead of checking the car we decided to wander off, to get away from the smell.  It made sense to all of us at the time.  So we all walked off into the woods.

To make a long story short, a few minutes later it was suddenly raining, and my clock said midnight, and we decided that it was time to leave, but we got lost, and were wandering in the woods for what felt like hours.  Joannica kept crying, and looking back it seems like we were all on drugs, but there were no drugs present.  One source of consternation was actually that Jo had forgotten their pot back at home, in her coat, but I don't even smoke the stuff.

All of the times I checked the time that night, it did not mesh.  It was either earlier than it should have been, later than it should have been, or actually earlier than it was before!  Eventually, we came out of the trees and saw the car, and while I remember climbing down a hill, I don't remember climbing back up.  I think the part of the night that frightened me the most was that when we got back to the car, all of the clocks said it was 8:45, about twenty minutes before we had ever gotten to Carpenter hill.  We left immediately, and the whole ride home didn't feel quite right.

A couple of notes on the night:  When we got back to Olympia, the gas tank was completely full, after six solid hours of driving.  Also, there was a very major UFO sighting in that area that night, and the people quoted in the news said they had been on Carpenter Hill.  We had not seen them or the UFO.  And, around that time, all of the kids started having frequent nightmares about "giant bugs," and the neighbor's kid started having similar nightmares about worms, which is strange.

I can't explain any of it, much less all of it, and I doubt myself from time to time, but as far as my mental health goes, I think that is probably better.

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